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Power Rangers 2011 (My view of the upcoming PR adaption)

It’s been a few months since news broke out that Haim Saban has bought back his Power Rangers franchise and as a long time fan I couldn’t have been more happy that it was out of Disney’s hands. A 18th season based off the 2009¬† Samurai Shinkenger¬† is currently in the works with 40 episodes, that’s already an improvement and going back to what we love about Saban’s Power Rangers, 40 or more episodes in a season. The new series will air on Nick and re-runs of the previous seasons will air on NickToons.¬† Casting is still going on and it seems they can’t find their rangers yet.

Here is my view as a good adaption of Shinkenger even though the real version will be nothing like it:

It starts off with the blue, pink, yellow, and green rangers already being friends that are in high school and were currently talking about where they want to eat at lunch and then the teacher introduces two new transfer students from Japan. I think Mike Moh would be one of them and the other girl can be a good looking Asian girl who is secretly a Japanese princess. At first they’ll be quiet. Later that day after school the 4 to be rangers would be hanging out at least until the Nanashi’s rise up from a crevice on the ground and start attacking that area. The 4 to be rangers would then be cornered and as it looks like they’re done for several Nanashi’s went flying in the air *cue badass music* and then the red ranger would walk in to the scene slowly like the badass he is and then the Shinkenger footage from the first episode would kick in when Shinken Red starts charging and slashing at the Nanashi’s. The 4 to be rangers will just be watching from a corner instead of running away. The Shinken Red battle footage would end once he defeated all of them. Then the to be pink ranger would call out to the red ranger saying she wanted to thank him for saving her and her friends and the red ranger would just nod and walk away but little did he know the to be pink ranger followed him. Then the red ranger would meet up with the transfer student girl and demorphs revealing himself to be the other transfer student. She then over hears those two talking about stopping the Gedoshuu and that they can’t hold them off forever. Then the to be pink ranger would tell her friends the next day in the morning about what she heard and saw and they wouldn’t believe her but she then became suspicious of the two transfer students and would stalk them any way she could and eventually they find out and asked her what she wanted but then they were interrupted by the monster of the day and Mike Moh with no other choice left morphed into the red ranger and combated the monster but couldn’t defeat him by himself and the princess would see no other choice but get the girl and her friends to become rangers and they would morph and start kicking some Nanashi’s ass before they take out the monster of the day.

Although I’m a little disappointed Ron Wasserman won’t be doing the music score for this series I hope to see good things out of it, they’re trying to go back to being campy but I don’t think it will be as campy as some people think, there’s alot of serious parts of Shinkenger like Juzo’s story. I hope this season will be the first step in reigniting the franchise again, I hope Jonathan Tzachor can still do his magic.


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